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Glass Designs

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Composite Doors from Instaglaze UK

We don’t believe in compromising on quality. We’ve brought together materials
to give you the very best in strength, easy maintenance, security, and weather
resistance. Oh – and great looks as well.

Behind that rather scientific-sounding name, you’ll find the latest technology and
design in doors. When you’re indoors you’ll enjoy loads of style, strength and
security. Our composite door is thick – but it’s also very smart. In fact it’s 44mm
thick (compare that to conventional PVC panel doors at 28mm). Its powerful
too, its super-strong structural frame and up-to-the-minute hardware makes our
composite door even more secure. Its glass reinforced plastic finish means you’ll
be secure in all weathers and enjoying great looks for years to come.

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Available Door Styles

With over 25 different styles of composite doors to choose from we are sure to have the look that your home needs.  Have a browse of our different door styles below and click on each one to see the colours its available in and also for the glass design options.

Twin Side


Mid Square

4 Square

3 Square

2 Panel 4 Square

2 Panel 1 Grill

4 Panel Sunburst

2 Panel Sunburst

Mid 3 Square

6 Panel

Cottage Long

Cottage Halfglaze

4 Panel 2 Square

4 Panel

2 Panel 2 Arch

2 Panel 2 Angle

2 Panel 2 Square

4 Panel 1 Arch

2 Panel 1 Square

2 Panel 1 Arch

2 Panel 2 Square 1 Arch


3 Diamond

1 Square


Available Colours

We offer a diverse range of colours and all of our composite doors are available in 13 different colours from white to duck egg blue.

All colours are representative only- please contact us for accurate colours and finishes. 


Black Brown



Chartwell Green



Duck Egg Blue




Poppy Red


Glass Designs

Give your front door that finishing touch by selecting one of our glass designs.  Not all designs are available for each door style so please check out our door styles to see whats available in your choice of door.

3 Drop Diamond Blue

3 Drop Diamond Green

3 Drop Diamond Red

Brass Art Clarity


Crystal Bohemia Blue

Crystal Bohemia Frost

Crystal Bohemia Green

Crystal Bohemia Red

Crystal Diamond

Crystal Harmony Blue

Crystal Harmony Frost

Crystal Harmony Green

Crystal Harmony Red

Crystal Tulip Arch

English Rose




Makintosh Rose

Murano Black

Murano Blue

Murano Green

Murano Red

Zinc Art Abstract

Zinc Art Elegance